Cyber Clinic

The foundation for tomorrow’s cybersecurity professionals.

Why Secure My Business?

The average cost of a cyber attack is $25,000, with a quarter of small businesses suffering at least one cyber attack a year.

A cyber attack can lead to loss of revenue or even, in many cases, closure of the business. This is why it is important for businesses to prepare before the cyber attack happens.

How Can We Help?

2,626+ Hours

With over 2,626 hours dedicated to helping our community, the Cyber Clinic is here to assist you.

We CARE about small business.


In today’s cyber-focused world, cybersecurity is a crucial consideration for the well-being of every business.


We visit clients to examine critical assets, and analyze any risks or vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.


We recommend solutions to discovered problems and offer assistance when implementing them.


We provide information & resources to clients who need a deeper understanding of cybersecurity.

About the free cyber clinic

We lay the foundation for future cybersecurity professionals.

By offering cybersecurity services at no cost, we give our members the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience that will help them develop their skills and advance their careers in cybersecurity.