For Students

How We Help Students

Certification Training

We provide students training plans and material to strengthen technical and soft skills. Through our program, students can acquire preliminary cybersecurity certifications that will allow them to get hands-on experience in the field. Certifications provide credibility both for the Cyber Clinic and the students when conducting our CARE method for small businesses (see the Services page for more details).

Real World Experience

Once a student obtains their preliminary cybersecurity certification, they are able to enter the field and begin helping the community. When conducting our CARE method, students are able to apply what they have learned, interact with clients, and complete many of the same duties they will have as a future cybersecurity professional. With this, students are able to gain the real world experience they need to enter the cybersecurity industry.

Pipelined Opportunities

The Cyber Clinic offers pipeline opportunities for our members to get internships or jobs based on the certifications and experience they gain while part of the clinic. In addition, we have partners in the industry that are open to mentor and provide opportunities to Cyber Clinic members.

How To Apply

Current UNLV Students

Any student from UNLV can apply to become an initiate of the Cyber Clinic. Students must submit their application by sending the following materials directly to our email.

Materials to Submit for Application:

Junior Member Program

Students in the ninth grade and above are welcome
to join our organization as Junior Members.
This way, students can become full-fledged
members by the time they get to the college
or university hosting a Cyber Clinic.

Junior Members may participate in the following:
• Junior Member Meeting(s)
• Cyber Clinic Projects
• Training for Certifications
• Professional Development

Materials to Submit for Application:

Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.